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Advanced Process Control Post Doc

Job Number: 7261180327

Position:Full time

Location: Spring House, Pennsylvania Required degrees: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry or similar

Description:   The Post Doctoral Scientist for Advanced Process Control in Bioreactors will contribute to machine learning based techniques for integration into commercial processes and deployment of in-line spectroscopy based sensors for bioreactor monitoring and feed control loops. Specifically, the Post Doctoral Scientist will design laboratory scale experiments to develop and validate spectroscopic models to describe bioreactor components and use these models to optimize the bioreactor feed schedule. Models will then be scaled to pilot and commercial scale manufacturing. The Post Doctoral Scientist will have experience in vibrational spectroscopy (Raman preferred) of biomolecular species (proteins, sugars, cells, etc.) and utilize this skill set to optimize bioreactor feed strategies.                                             








Last Updated: 08/08/16